If your hotmail account is blocked, you are not alone. There are a large percentage of hotmail users that complain about having their accounts blocked.

There are many different reasons why your hotmail account may be blocked. It could be because you have tried to use the wrong password and reached the allowable number of tries. Or it could be because someone has tried to open your hotmail account and used a wrong password. Probably, the account was used in mass mailing or used in prohibited ways. Another reason is if your hotmail account was hacked.

Now what do you need to do to unblock your hotmail account? Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Choose to reset your password. When you signed up for your hotmail account, you were asked to answer security questions. You have to remember your answers for the security questions to be able to unblock your account.
  • Contact MSN/Hotmail technical support. Give the exact error message that you receive when you try to sign in to your account. You will also be asked to provide personal information that will help the team validate your identity. This is a way to protect the privacy of account holders.
  • Request for a new password to be sent to your alternate email address. This is usually asked when you sign up for the hotmail account. The alternate email address must be working; otherwise, you will not be able to use this option. Some people make up alternate email address thinking that it doesn’t matter whether you place a working email or a non working email. In case of your hotmail account being blocked, it pays off if you have placed a working alternate email.
  • Visit the troubleshooting page for MSN/hotmail sign in problems. Sometimes the problem is not your account but the computer setting. So what you can do is access your hotmail account using a different computer. If you are familiar on how to check computer settings, you can do it. Access your account on a computer with a different setting than the one which you have used previously to open your hotmail account.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open your hotmail account especially if you are expecting something important to arrive in your email. Sometimes your account gets blocked because your memory has failed you or sometimes it could be due to outside causes.

What some people do when their hotmail accounts are blocked is to simply create a new account. This may be a very easy option but it is not at all times the perfect solution especially for people who have important documents in their email. In most cases, the suggestions mentioned here will help you unblock your hotmail account.