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SQL: Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE

One of the questions I got asked today is what the difference is between the SQL commands DELETE and TRUNCATE. So here we’re looking at the differences between DELETE and TRUNCATE.

Postgres/MySQL – How to Show A Specific Range of Rows


In Postgres and MySQL database, there is a neat functionality which returns results from a specific range of rows. This is done using LIMIT and OFFSET. The examples in this article demonstrate how they work.

DBA Oracle SQL Cheat Sheet

I’ve created an Oracle SQL cheat sheet to list all the Oracle specific commands which I commonly “forget”. This will be a growing list and I will add items in there as I come across them. As always, if you feel there is anything worth adding to the list, please feel free to share in the comments.

Do You Know About Oracle Database’s Recycle Bin?


Since Oracle version 10, the database give a chance to flashback a dropped relational table.
Whenever a relational table is dropped, it goes into the recycle bin, which is similar to the recycle bin on your Mac or PC.
Here’s a quick tutorial on how it works.