I’ve been getting a lot of request from people asking me to help unblock their hotmail account in the Ways To Unblock Your Hotmail Account article. So here is more information on the steps to take to unblock your hotmail account.

There is no other way to recover your account other than to contact Hormail.

You saw the following error message when logging into a Windows Live product:
“Your account has been temporarily blocked”

Why are you seeing this?

Hotmail use systems to help detect spammers on Windows Live Services. These systems place a variety of restrictions on accounts, one of them is blocking users from accessing the Windows Live Services. Occasionally, suspicious activity causes their technology to block legitimate accounts.

What do these messages mean?

When an account is sending a lot of e-mail, friend invitations, or posting lots of comments, there is a good chance that it is a spammer. In some cases, spammers actually create accounts to use, but sometimes they break in to real accounts. Hotmail block accounts so that the spammers can’t send out any more junk and so that real people can get their accounts back. Blocked accounts have very limited access to Hotmail and Windows Live. Hotmail’s goal is to help the real account owner get their account back.

What should you do?

Verify your account with a mobile number (only available in limited markets at this time): https://sms.live.com

If you are unable to verify using the SMS validation, please submit your request here (Select “Hotmail” from the product dropdown list, click “Continue” and select: Error: “Your account has been temporarily blocked”) and one of their moderators will help you.

Here are some steps that you can take to avoid getting this error:

  • Do not give out your passwords to people. Hotmail, Windows Live, and Microsoft will never ask for your password in e-mail
  • Make sure that you have an anti-virus program installed and run it regularly. Many spammers get a hold of passwords through viruses and spyware. Microsoft Security Essentials offers free anti-virus protection.
  • If you use Windows, turning on Windows Update will help keep your computer up-to-date and make it less vulnerable to viruses.
    • Windows 7 – Learn how to turn on automatic updating.
    • Windows Vista – Learn how to turn on automatic updating.
    • Windows XP – To learn how to turn on automatic updates, click the Start button, click Help and Support, type Windows update in the search box, and then, in the list of results, click Turn on automatic updates. Follow the instructions.
  • Check to make sure that you only send messages to people who want to receive them.
  • Reduce the number of messages that you send to large groups of people so that they are less likely to think your messages are unwanted mail.
  • Limit the number of chain letters, e-mail jokes and other messages that you send to help people recognize your mail as wanted and to make it more likely that your message will be allowed past your recipients’ junk mail filters.
  • Limit the number of friend invitations you send or send them only to people that know you.
  • Check all the contacts in your address book to make sure that the accounts are still active.

Somebody stole your password to send spam. Hotmail temporarily block the accounts compromised to help you you and your contacts, and then let Hotmail help you to recover your account.

The fastest means to recover your account is to change your password. Then you will want certainly to ensure you that the person at the origin of this incident did not change the data of your account, which would enable him to take again at once the control of your account.

Here the steps which you should follow:

1. Can you always connect? If you can,change your password. For this follow Hotmail’s steps to modify your password.


2. Were asked to give your cell phone number after connected? At the time of connection, it is possible indeed that Hotmail ask for a telephone number in order to send you a message text containing to you a secret code. This is intended to prevent the spammers from using your account.

3. If you do not manage to connect on your account, try to redefine your password. http://windowslivehelp.com

During the process of validation, you will be asked key information on your account Windows Live that you only you will be able to provide us. This enables Hotmail to check that you are the rightful owner of the account. The criteria of requirement intended to protect you are very strict, consequently you must give them as much information as possible and details for each question. It is possible that you need to request from some your friends and contacts to ask for confirmation of subject of received emails or addresses email of contacts. The more information, the more Hotmail will be able to validate your account and thus to help you to recover the access on your account.

If for a different reason you still can’t connect to your account , see information on this subject on the page relating to connection problems of connection:


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