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Ways To Unblock Your Hotmail Account

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If your hotmail account is blocked, you are not alone. There are a large percentage of hotmail users that complain about having their accounts blocked.

There are many different reasons why your hotmail account may be blocked. It could be because you have tried to use the wrong password and reached the allowable number of tries. Or it could be because someone has tried to open your hotmail account and used a wrong password. Probably, the account was used in mass mailing or used in prohibited ways. Another reason is if your hotmail account was hacked.

Now what do you need to do to unblock your hotmail account? Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Choose to reset your password. When you signed up for your hotmail account, you were asked to answer security questions. You have to remember your answers for the security questions to be able to unblock your account.
  • Contact MSN/Hotmail technical support. Give the exact error message that you receive when you try to sign in to your account. You will also be asked to provide personal information that will help the team validate your identity. This is a way to protect the privacy of account holders.
  • Request for a new password to be sent to your alternate email address. This is usually asked when you sign up for the hotmail account. The alternate email address must be working; otherwise, you will not be able to use this option. Some people make up alternate email address thinking that it doesn’t matter whether you place a working email or a non working email. In case of your hotmail account being blocked, it pays off if you have placed a working alternate email.
  • Visit the troubleshooting page for MSN/hotmail sign in problems. Sometimes the problem is not your account but the computer setting. So what you can do is access your hotmail account using a different computer. If you are familiar on how to check computer settings, you can do it. Access your account on a computer with a different setting than the one which you have used previously to open your hotmail account.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open your hotmail account especially if you are expecting something important to arrive in your email. Sometimes your account gets blocked because your memory has failed you or sometimes it could be due to outside causes.

What some people do when their hotmail accounts are blocked is to simply create a new account. This may be a very easy option but it is not at all times the perfect solution especially for people who have important documents in their email. In most cases, the suggestions mentioned here will help you unblock your hotmail account.



  • Linda says:

    there is no one to help me solve this problem My Hotmail email account has been Blocked since Monday and I tried everything that was suggested to me, I think someone has change my security question and now I’m not able to change my password or get my account back I have important emails that I need t… everybody want to respond back to me on my email account I’m not that dumb how am I going to receive something I’m not able to get into.

    • Sophie says:

      Hi there, I had the same problem with my Hotmail account being hacked and I could not access my account. After doing a lot of searching to find a contact number to speak with someone, I came acroos The Tech Line. With there help I got my account back and have not had a problem since. Their number is: 0901 915 0100 – give them a call if you are still struggling 🙂

      • John Wyatt says:

        Which country is your help line number in?


      • A Shenoy says:

        The Tech Line number given here is not the correct number and neither is this Inc in India. It is a UK based company and is on Facebook. Number is also available there

      • liezel says:

        Which country is this number for?

      • Zdenka says:

        Linda. thank you for the phone number. I do not understand why Hotmail
        didn’t put it up…I left a message for them but it didn;t help.
        Regards, Zena

      • Ishwar says:

        my hotmailaccount block – i tried to call the # 0901-915-0100 this does not work and its disconnected – please send me alternative solutions to my another email
        thank you for your hep

      • Michael says:

        Hotmail?? What was that phone #? My acct was hacked, I’m sure, and I can’t get to any of my “stuff.”

      • Right I tried that number = NO USE, I have a hotmail account that has been hacked into and I’ve sorted my computer out so it’s Virus free, but now hotmail is telling me its blocked and the worst thing is it wants to send me a verification code ON MY HOTMAIL? HOW THE HELL DOES IT THINK I’M GOING TO GET IT IF MY ACCOUNTS BLOCKED? HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHO TO SHOOT? OR HOW TO COMPLAIN, EVEN GET HELP ON THIS? I’M LOST!

    • Axel The Whale says:

      I had the problem where my phone received hotmail but not my laptop or any other computer. They tell you to go to the customer service button and fill out the form. You probably won’t be able to get a response and probably the answers for your challenge questions won’t be “right” either. A better option and what worked for me is to call the 800 number and have whoever you speak to change your back up email address. Once I did this I could use the change password option and once I set up a new password I could log into Hotmail on my computer and my phone.

      • Justin says:

        What 800 number are you referring to?

      • monica says:

        I have been trying to get in to my email for last 3 weeks i am a law student and have a business I cant access my account at i called them and they said i can have my account back if i pay 100 dollars now that is news to me why should I pay.. lot of top IT tec have said never to pay .. as a business am losing lot of money.pls pls do let me now how i can get my account back

        I look forward to your fast response

        Thank you

      • Jeremy says:

        Can u please give me that 800 #. My account is blocked, and my email address that the reset code is sent to, is wrong.

    • Lillian says:

      Do you have a way that I can access this account as there is important e mails that I cannot get? I’ve tried everything I’ve read by hotmail but still nothing works.

    • linda says:

      Hi i have tryed for 3 days to get back on to i might of tryed to entre my p/word and to much and my e/mail can you help me get back in linda.

    • Amanda says:

      i have the same problem idk what to do…ihave waited over a month now…i need to get into my email 🙁 did u make it to recover your account?

    • ben says:

      I got blocked for the same reason and i cant get a code without using the email thats block and its my only option i can choose idk how to fix this its frustrating

  • Heppy says:


    I know axactly what you mean…..i am the same. Dont tell me; they tell you to reset your password, but you cant because you cannot get into the account!!!! Have you had any success yet?

    Good luck, and if you do get any joy then please let me know…..Hotmail support is CRAP!!!

  • María says:

    Same thing happened to my daugthers, please if Microsoft has nothing to do with the action, perhaps they should find a solution to such hacking they are having. Most people I know with the problem are migrating to gmail.
    Help please

  • Johlet says:

    my account has been blocked for more than a month now! and i need urgent info on my account, only problem i dont remember my security question and the recovery email i put on the person is not using that email address anymore and i need urgent help!

    • Tom says:

      I have the exact same problem! My hotmail has been blocked for several weeks due to it being hacked by someone – as what was said when i tried to access it. I cant remember the security question and the email used to send the reset password link is not active anymore! When i contact customer support it just says they cannot verify that i am the owner of the account! This is so pathetic!

      • Michael says:

        Damn right, hotmail won’t give me any help because it is a free account, haven’t got an extra contact to send the code to so I am stumped.

      • joan bennett says:

        hello fellow victim of the hotmail crew….someone sent over 300 spam mails from my account. if they are running a business they shouldnt let this happen, but we all know it isnt possible to stop them all.So now I dont have an alternate account, tried to get one,cant access it as it says “same domain” and refuses any other alternate name suggestions. Even worse its blocked my HUSBANDS account too, for no reason.
        I cant get their text messages. cant get it unblocked. rang loads of places having spent 2 days on line clicking and reclicking rubbishy sites, as they than end up with PAID sites, and some calls are £150 plus call fee’s…TO AMERICA.

  • olga lantigua says:

    How do i unblock my email, i don’t have a contact phone. Please help me….

  • Nawras says:

    Hello guys I got problem with my account they blocked it and they send the new code to a nonworking alternate email also my security question is not working I mean maybe I forget the answer or some 1 change it so plz help me guys ASAP I’m waitin ur replay

    • mohamed says:

      my email account blocked i can.t ues please help me

    • ms_scarlett says:

      The exact thing has happened to me and I can’t get anyone to help me. How did you resolve your problem? ms-SCARLETT

    • J . Beheshti says:

      You have blocked my above email account for the reason you know better. Your instructions to recover it is so complicated and difficult that it is impossible to remember answers to all those questions you have asked.If somebody else is using my account and you have traced him or her then why you are punishing me knowing for a very very long time I have used this account with no problem. According to your instruction I even changed my password but still I am not able to access my account in which I have lots of important mails. O’ yes ! why in your form you want details of my credit card ??!! Regards- Jim —– Ps. my other email address is :

  • PANG says:

    Hello guys I have the exact same problem ! I cant remember the security question. When i contact customer support it just says they cannot verify that i am the owner of the account! relly suck

  • my hotmail account has been blocked and i havebeen deprived of the valuable information and record for my thesis of master degree i have tried hard to unblock my hotmail account but all is invain i think this a serious kind of mental punishment to someone innocent in this regard kindly help me to unblock my hotmail account

  • Fahad says:

    I cannot access my account since yesterday… I try all things but nothing happen, I even try forget my password but i can’t see how to verify by secret question?

  • gideon says:

    i swear every one has this problem, is there alot of hacking happening right now? it tells me to change passwords which i can not. then next page is emailing another account which i no longer use. please help me.

  • Aarran says:

    I also have this problem accept i know my secret question and have answered it correctly however i still couldnt sign in since i was still blocked, when i try to unblock it says you need to send a code to your other account but the account in the field is not mine and so i cant retrieve the code.

    • claudett says:

      I have the same problems, when I tried changing the password,it asked for a “code”, or “I have a code already” still cannot go in and sdign in. then have to wait 24 hours to try again, another section asked for 2 security questions, and customer inf. after filling in the latter part of this section it asked for your credit card details,without saying how much your account will be debited.

  • Aishah says:

    This is really annoying me now:@ Myaccount has been blocked cuz someone has tried to use a password (which was wrong) to get into my account…
    They have failed, but i need my hotmail backk:@ there;s important things on there ;(( anyone help??

    ALSO……….my windows live messenger, my youtube account, my yahoo anddddd my gmail isn’t working! But it can’t be hacked cuz they have different passwords.

  • Fahad says:

    Is there any way how I get my Block account back?

  • javed akhtar says:

    My account has been blocked.m very tensed.there is no one to help me out.

  • DJ says:

    Totally wrong and unfair that I’m unable to access
    My OWN hotmail account through no fault of my own.
    Why send a code to a alternate email address when
    It’s not even mine?…it’s my ex girlfriends!So frustrating!!!
    What’s the point of a security question if it don’t unblock
    your account?!Tried so many times to reset my password
    and I’ve given verification twice to prove who I am too.Why
    do Windows Live ask you for payment details in a verification
    process?This problem was all started by a bogus log-in
    screen for Hotmail in the first place, don’t exactly fill you with
    confidence does it?!I have private personal information in my
    account and I’m not even able to gain access to it even though
    it’s supposed to be MY account… WHAT A JOKE!!There are so
    many people in the same situation, so you have to ask WHY?
    and what’s been done about it?!Not atal happy with Microsoft or
    their pathetic attempts to help innocent people like myself!!I WANT

    • fleur says:

      hi guys,

      i am in the excact same postion, my hotmail account has been blocked as they are not recongnising my secret question and answer, i have important emails in there to as i am now on maternity leave so all mmy info is in there

      i have done the recovery password and get the same response that they cannot validate me??????????????? yet i have proved all the info they have requested

      this is just crap and so unfair

    • Gregor says:

      i cant go on my too i was online 2 hours ago and now that i want i got blocked because someobdy sended spam mail from my mail i want to be unblocked so i can just get the contatc list i need the list my boss email is there and alot of importana people please. and i cant send on alternate mail because doesnt exist any more. so if they can send it on my other mail or on

      • Lily says:

        Same happened to me my hotmail account was blocked and now it don’t exist it’s not fair it has important things on it PLEASE HELP ME crying now I think a girl i know has done it weeping

  • shami says:

    i have a same problem i know my secret quension and answer but message appear on my computer someone enter wrong password or answer that is why your account is blocked temporary but after two month same message appeared on my screen now what should i do i know answer of my secret question plz help???

  • sammie says:

    seriously i have tried for over a week now, im SOOOOoo mad and angry. like why cant we call in or something and give more info over the phone thats more easy. i have had this email forever, i just want it back. i almost never wana use hotmail ever again if this crap keeps up. like god, i want to have my email back. and i have tried everything now its not giving me a pin to access the forum to reset my password. keeps saying please try again later and then sends me a email to the directed account and then i cant get in. sooooo very frustrated.

  • darla says:

    WOW I am not alone in this fight after all… I have been trying for almost a week to sign into MY hotmail account. None of the passwords I use worked so now it is blocked from too many sign in attempts. I request a code be sent to cell phone on account code is never received. I try the security question it isn’t correct so that has been disabled now (says I should wait and try again later that was 3 days ago and still disabled). I have filled out the customer service thingy 3 times. First time it told me that they couldn’t verify I am account owner and directed me to Windows Live Care center page while there I clicked on to to exit recovery process because it said something about while in recovery things can’t be displayed so click here to end process. Completed Customer Service questions again to try and get them to understand I am the owner.. came back can’t verify I am owner. Replied with additional info reply again that for help with my issue I would need to go thru the Windows Live care center (something like that ) and this was canceled again by clicking here to end recovery process. Don’t ever ever ever click this unless you want to end the process and your codes will not work for the personal forum session. Filled out for the 3rd time got a reply
    “We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.
    Please do not repost your issue as doing so will further delay responses”
    I guess everyone can’t sign into their hotmail account anymore either due to Windows Live Servers being down or the accounts being hacked.. It is total BS I have had this account since like 1994 and oh they even had the gall in a reply to tell me to just create a new account.. WTH??? I don’t want a new account .. I want this one back as it has been mine for so long..

  • David says:

    Great discussion, but not one remedy for this stupidity by Microsoft.

  • Johnny says:

    I am having the same problem even if i change my password i still cant sign in and its driving me insane! I just wish microsoft would pull there fingers out and actually help there customers, and I think they need a better customer care center aswell since that doesnt do anythhing either. If anyone finds a solution please post it ASAP thanks.

  • dani says:

    i have the exact same problem 🙁 HELPPP!

    • Nimna says:

      Microsoft is going to lose ALL their members who don’t have an alternate Email. The security question is a lie, I wrote down my answer and question in 5 different places, all the same and they said it was wrong. I called them and they didn’t do anything at all, they actualyl hung up. Pathetic. I’m goign to gmail.

      • my hotmail account has temporarly block, and my passowrd is abdialihasan so when i try to log in it needs to enter verification code. And the verify code is sent to my alternate email which is owned another person, not working now that yahoomail it is unlucky it does,t work now. Please i need to help me as to get bck my account, or release it for me with out any promision. Because of many important ducoment of my are in it. Plz Help me soon. Thanks.

  • Scott Williamson says:

    I’ve been unable to access my above hotmail account for a month.

    Solving this problem is taking over my life.

    Can you help?

  • Todd Main says:

    I am having the same problem as described above. Does anyone else having the problem use the account that is blocked for their ‘Microsoft Fix it Centre’ contact?

  • kelley says:


    I got a message while trying to sign into my hotmail account.

    Sign-in with is blocked for one of these reasons:

    * Someone entered the wrong password too many times.
    * If you signed up for this ID through an organization, you might not be able to use the account yet.

    I went through the entire validation process and got a positive response, they agreed the account is mine as I answered EACH question they asked of me, and I also was sent a link to change password, and I did.
    Here is their response:

    We are pleased to inform you that we were successfully able to validate your account information. A password reset link is being sent to the alternate e-mail address you provided. Please understand that the password reset link will expire in 3 days and can only be used once.

    If you should encounter difficulty with Internet Explorer using the password reset link sent, please check your Internet Explorer browser settings by following the solution article “How to optimize Internet Explorer browser”.

    For browsers other than Internet Explorer, please reference that particular browser’s help section.


    * Validate your Live ID Account Information.
    o Take 5 minutes to safeguard losing access to your account by logging into your Live ID Account and verify that your account information is up to date.
    * Manage your Password Reset Information.
    o You can add multiple password reset options to your account. This will enable you to send password reset links to your alternate e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers through text messaging, or reset your password from a “Trusted PC”.

    Thank you and safe browsing!

    Windows Live Support

    After them verifying my account is MINE, changing my password I still get the same message when trying to log into my hotmail email account

    sign-in is blocked.

    I have posted this problem on every page of the live windows team forum to respond to, they move my message everywhere, each passing the buck to someone else.

    I think they are trying to see how many go postal and kill themselves out of frustration.

    All they have to do in unblock my account, they agreed its mine, yet they have failed to unblock it. I want to know WHY.

    • Hafsa says:

      I have the xacT Same problem as Kelley…i juSt gave an alternate id their they nmail me the same thing as kelly had just mentioned. Now plz plz plz lz plz plz i request Hotmail Suoport to help me out of thiS my account mean alot to me…it have So many important DoCuments and i dont have any baCk up…:'( They are’nt accepting My Secret QueStion answer as well Plz plz help me plz……

    • Tracy says:

      This is exactly what happened to me!!! Validated it was mine, sent link to change, changed password. AND STILL BLOCKED!!!! It’s starting to piss me off!!!!!!!

  • joe says:

    mincrosoft have seriously fucked me over here. I use this eail all the tim then they block it because someones sending spam from it, they eed a number to call or somethingh, all my uni stuff is on there and everything

  • ali says:

    i am unable to sign in to my account….mesaage appears on the screen that some one used ur account for spamming…. i have tried all the ways but unable to unblock …it has been happening since last monday ….plz help me
    this is my alternate account ….answer me through this id

  • abdulwahab says:

    i cant access my hot mail i get amessage showing it has been blocked can u solve this problem u can email me on themagicisland1991@yah thanks for ur help

  • Tatiana Dutton says:

    My hotmail account has been blocked for a week now. Please help! I have contacted hotmail support and they have not replied to my request.

  • James says:

    About a year ago my old Hotmail account, which I don’t use very often (but which is very important to me regardless) was hacked by Nigerian scammers, who used it to send a bunch of scam emails, including to all of my contacts. I managed to regain control of it by contacting Hotmail and telling them the names of some of the folders in my account. The first thing I did was change the password – I used a string of 20 random characters including numbers, letters and symbols. Totally unguessable and unhackable. Guess what? In less than a month it was hacked again.

    Now, I can’t regain control of it. When I regained control the last time, I made sure to set up a secondary email for this purpose. So when I went through the steps to reset the password, they send the reset link to my recovery address, which I got successfully. Through that link, I was able to enter a new password. However, when I then went to enter that new password to sign in, I was told my account had been blocked because it had been used for spam. Fine, there was instructions to unblock it. They sent me a code to my secondary address, which I entered. Then it told me to enter my old password, and a new one. I entered the one I had just successfully changed it to. To my surprise and annoyance, it said “old password incorrect.” This, after Hotmail had TOLD ME I had changed my password successfully.

    Now I’m in a circle of reset codes, reset emails and the same crap. I can’t find how to contact Hotmail to do this once and for all. This is such bull. How are their email addresses getting hacked? There’s no way these Nigerian a-holes are hitting on my ridiculous password.

  • Bruce says:

    For years I struggled with MSN/Hotmail, until my wife started to think the top of my head would pop off. Possibly the worst excuse for a giant corporation on Earth! Hard to believe a company so large and profitable, with such wondeful media exposure and public opinion, has such a behind-the-scenes reputation for horrible service and product. I switched to Gmail and have been 99% happy. I also got rid of Outlook Calendar and switched to Google calendar, and have been 95% satisfied. In short: GOOGLE IS BETTER. If all of us would dump Microsoft maybe some day they would get smart instead of arrogant.

    • Jane says:

      Trouble is Microsoft have a monopoly, they own your computer, they constantly sign you out of your new email address and into the Hotmail address that doesn’t work because the security codes they send to alternative email addresses don’t work. They even capitalise the h in Hotmail automatically, anywhere on the internet, when you have written it with a small h. They might be totally stupid and psychopathically uncaring but they make sure you can’t use the internet without them. It is now September 2013 and this problem with being locked out of Hotmail and security codes not working is still happening, so obviously Microsoft don’t care. Yes, we can all stop using Hotmail, but Microsoft will still shove itself under our noses like a bad smell.

  • Kimberly Leplow says:

    As of yesterday, I am not able to get into my Hotmail account. It says that I have been blocked. Like everyone else on this page, I have tried everything I possibly can to retrieve my account back. I am also one of those people that have had my account for years. Has anyone had any luck in trying to get their hotmail account back? If so, could you please let me know what you did to reteieve your account! It would be greatly appreciated, as this is very frustrating!! Thanks!!

  • IG says:

    To those of you who managed to get Microsoft to verify you as the owner what was the secret?
    I have been trying for several weeks to validate the account via the Windows Live process. So far I have given 2 prior passwords (including the year of change), 52 inbox emails including who from and subject line, 16 contacts, a full list of all user folders and several precise pieces of information on the account such as the user folder with the most emails, the junk filter settings, year of registration etc. Despite this I am still not considered the owner.
    The only questions i can’t answer are the credit card ones (no card), the IP address (don’t know how to locate it) and the answer to the secret question (if i knew that I wouldn’t be going through this process).
    Any hints?

  • Roy says:

    i am facing the same problem here. i changed the password, i try the code they sent to second email account, i answer all the provided but it failed to unblock my account. WTF… there is lot’s of important message inside my email account, please!! kindly help in this case… i need my email account back…

  • Hagop says:

    my account has been blocked..!! & my alternate e-mail address is not working how can i recover my account without using this option ???

  • Kebir says:

    hey guys , its same thing happened to me

  • josephine says:

    i know my email has been down since tuesday, monday it was working fine. i keep getting an error message saying that someone has logged in too many times with the incorrect password. i run a business and go to school so every is on there and i cannot get into it even after resetting my password so many times i doesnt go through. i cannot afford to lose everything and i cnnot move anything to another account when i cannot get into my hotmail. MSN needs an 800 number to call or have an 24hr online desk with real people.!!!!

  • Aina says:

    my account’s blocked because of some spammer. i need to unblock it but i cant receive the verification code by SMS because pakistan isn’t listed. i tried clicking the ‘customer support’ link but when i finished typing up the info i always get an error page. any suggestions??? i tried getting help from the help center but you have to sign in to ask a question, and i cant sign in because my account’s been temporarily blocked.

  • kayleigh says:


  • LUCY says:


  • Carol says:

    AH SO FUSTRATING. my email is for a week now it is saying my email is blocked because someone tried to log in too many times incorrectly (my sister who needed something and was 1 letter off). I TRIED EVERYTHING! I tried the password reset and for the secret question that I KNOW IS CORRECT it is saying it is wrong and that i need to try again later. i dont haev a working alternate email address. i haev called microsoft 38 times and they do not want to help me. i have sent in numerous reports to hotmail and they send me back this long message that doesnt even make sense and doesn’t help me one bit. I NEED MY EMAIL! im an auctioneer and i have everyone emailing me about certain items. please help asap

  • wong says:

    damn ! i have the same problems!!

  • Sarah says:

    Dear stressed friends… like myself

    Does anyone have an idea how long it takes for an account to be unblocked after you send the validation via help centre?


  • Laura Brown says:

    My hotmail was blocked several days ago. I can’t remember my frigging security question because I made it like 5 god damn years ago. I sent in what I could remember and the frigging fags didn’t even accept it. I NEED THIS ACCOUNT SO I CAN GET A JOB YOU ASSHOLES WHY WONT YOU HELP ME

  • shaz says:

    why is there no straight answers today my ninemsn email has been blocked and it said send code and looking at the code it is a place i went to 3 years ago on thier class room pc, so some idiot has gone and hacked my email. i want to access my email using my email name.
    How do i do this? it is a simple question and i want a simple answer!

  • Sharyn says:

    does anyone actually have the answers?? doesn’t seem like so! does anyone have the number you should call? i can’t find it anywhere!

  • George says:

    The same problem as all the above. I’ve been
    locked out for close to a month. I need to read
    my MAIL!!!
    Someone please HELP!
    or shot MicroSoft–

  • lisa john says:

    im totally pissed off someones hacked my account and changed all my details! ive contacted hotmail but they dont reply, my facebook has been hacked too and they have deactivated my account please help

  • samia samad says:

    my account has been locked..plz help me..i dont know the password of my alternate email address cuz its not a working email id..i know the security question answer n all the other things of my account..plz send me the code on diz id instead of the alternative id..plz help me..i seriously need my account back,,there is so much imporatnt emails in it..plz plz help me

  • aisha says:

    I have exactly the same problem. I too am really frustrated and upset. Had my account for seven years… WHY IS THERE NO SUPPORT? NO CONTACT NUMBER… Like many others I have important information.. What happens with this when the account is closed? It is I feel an infringement on ones personal liberty to close the account before discussing it with one beforehand…

  • PW says:

    Same problem here too. Can’t get into my email and have been going round in circles (passwords, secret questions, missing texts and no verification confirmation) for nearly a week.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lori says:

    I have been blocked for 2 weeks now. I need to get into my account. I need this account for business. If anyone could help me unblock my account PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue says:

    I NEED my MSN acct back!! i’m very frustrated.

  • evie says:

    my email accouont isnt working i havent been on it for 2 weeks and now saying its blocked because of spam and others being hacked i need this for my fucking work and skool for pete sake iv been searching for a number to contact and i have found nothing does anyone know a number i am in QLD in caloundra so does anyoen know a number im getting pissed off because i hvae not told anyone my password and it hasnt been working for a couple of weeks now i only just realised what it sed wen i went on to my computer can someone please help me of getting it back it says theyll send a code but the address alter isnt the one i had and this one i dont know the password to and it was of one of my brothers of which has been deleted since 2010 can anyone help ????

  • Gus says:

    that’s what i get when i try to login to my hotmail account:

    Why are you seeing this?

    Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that violates the Windows Live Terms of Service).

    We’re here to help you get your account back.

    What do you need to do?

    We’ll help you reset your password.

    We’ve cleaned your account settings
    Often customers get here because someone else has access to your account and are using it without your knowledge to send spam. To protect you and your contacts, we’ve removed any Hotmail auto-replies or linked accounts you may have had.

  • Yvonne McNaughton says:

    Why bother giving my hotmail email address in order to write a comment to share. I won’t be able to get into my acct. to see anything anyways!!!! Screw microsoft! Hotmail acct. compromised and can’t get customer support to help. Getting new g-mail acct. instead!!!!

  • elias talj says:

    hi sir,
    my Hotmail is blocked since approx 2 weeks and i need it urgently as i m using it for business please guide to open it again as i m doing the procedure but i cant go further than the password change my hotmail is:

  • Ali says:

    My hotmail account has been blocked and my alternate amail adress insn’t working… I tried everything for both. please help me.

  • Lucien Souvenir says:

    My email has been blolcked cause someone else was using it

  • Lucky says:

    Dear all supporters,

    I’m facing similar problems above and i really need help!
    I have been using this e-mail address for mthan 10 years and now i couldn’t even sign-in my personal account. Plus, I couldn’t recognize my personal security question and answer, also my secondary email address is already unusable, so how can I solve this problem please help me as soon as you see this message.

    Thank you in advance for help, hope that we can solve this problem together.



  • Lucky says:

    Oh! on the other hand, you can send me an email with the differrent account, , so i will see the process better.

    Thank you

  • sharif says:

    My account has been blocked 2 days ago, i get the error message, ” We have noticed Unusual activity on your account” I just want my hotmail account back, there’s an important document in my e-mail, I’ve switched to Gmail until I get my account back.

  • Bryan says:

    I got a answer for all of u did everything to reset my mothers account and here’s the solution for it all call tech support if they say it was blocked due to a hacker and it might have a virus in a email ure in luck it will only cost you 165 bucks for them to fix it and to have their protection plan which is mandatory as well as quote on quote “some technical support”, seems like everyones getting money out of this but me…. Guess microsoft has to make money since apple and googles kickin their ass, save ureself the money of a free email from hotmail and switch before it’s to late unless you want to pay 165 dollars for it. I personally Switched to g mail bye Microsoft it’s been real.

  • off says:

    so the bottom line people is that microsft/hotmail suck and we are all fuck…soooooo hello gmail……………………………

  • Betty says:

    yes,gmail here I come..Ive never been so horrified by the lack of response by a so-called help centre.Filled out the verification form at least a dozen times,had to create a alternate hotmail account 3 times as I couldnt get into the first two because of ‘incorrect password'(BS)I cant tell you how many complaints I have posted only to get the same old generic answer when I have plainly told them that what they say to do doesnt work!!Ive had my account for years and losing it is just plain and all other reasons.Im sick of fighting them…and oh yeah,my new alternate hotmail account wont let me access my in box now.great.

  • Molly says:

    Right please will some one help me , I’ve been trying to get into my emails for a while and it says my account has been blocked,So I think some one has hacked my account and they have blocked it so they cant get into it,Obviously and I can reset my password wich I did but it says I ave to send it to another email account wich is not mine?So I can’t even get into it and I just want MY email account back :-(! I don’t know what to do I have tryed EVERYTHING and I cant make a new account because I HAVE to have my original one working!PLEASE HELP!!

  • Irene says:

    My hotmail account was blocked yesterday. Tried since yesterday to get it back but to no avail…tried to reset my password which I did and I entered a new password. I thought that should be all but suddenly a box popped up requiring me to enter the old if someone got hold of my account, would he immediately change my password? So, how on earth would I know the old password (the password he would be using) to enter?? So I am stucked right here and going back in circles….WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???? I want my hotmail account back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yady says:

    Hello !

    okay , i have this problem : i’ve been using my hotmail since along time , and i have Everything there , so one time i tried to go on it and it said that it was blocked so i went and tried to reset my password but i forgot my security question , but then i went to coustomer service and i finally change my password . the problem is that when i put the correct password it says that my account has been block because i tried to go in too many times. and idk what to do this is so annoying ! please someone help me ‘ if you have a response please e-mail me at : pretty-princess95@hotmail
    thanks everyone !

  • Gary says:

    Can you unblock my hotmail account ?

  • saleem tariq says:

    kindly unblock my hot mail account pls,

  • please unblock my account please

  • david owens says:

    after reading it looks like where all on the hotmail block with no help

  • david owens says:

    is there anybody out there help

  • WeAreScrewed says:

    Looks like we are all screwed. No answers here, just complaints. A phone number would be useful. We didn’t even get that.

  • Hi. Can anyone help me to unblock my msn. Its been blocked for an entire day. I don’t have an alternate account listed. Plzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • attiqa says:

    my hotmail account is blocked i want to recover it. i try all posible solution but unable to get it back

  • Jenetha says:

    Hi. My hotmail account has been blocked. When I tried to recover they are telling me that the answer to my security question is incorrect and they cannot verify that I am the user. I have had this account since 1994. How am I suppose to remember everything info I used to open the account. This sucks.

    • Susy says:

      I’m in the same position as everyone posting here. My hotmail was blocked yesterday, and no matter what I do I cannot unblock it. I’ve tried everything except giving them my credit card details- what a cheek asking for them!- I think this may be what it’s all about?
      I don’t use my alternate email address anymore- it’s ancient! I’ve had my hotmail account for 11 years! and when I created a new hotmail one, I had no reply. I use my hotmail for work and am absolutely dependent on it. I can’t even re-route it to a new address because it’s blocked. they’ve got us over a barrel. I’m beyond furious with microsoft, they control far too much and take terrible liberties with their users.
      This is appalling PR. I wonder if they are even reading these posts. They don’t seem to care.
      I’m switching to Apple or Linux at the first opportunity.

  • Jenetha says:

    Hi. My email account has been block for about three weeks now. I cannot remember the answer to the security questions so they tell me they cannot verify that I am the owner of the account. I have that account since the early 1990s. This situation sucks.

  • ALIASGAR A.P. says:

    My account has been blocked for almost a week now and all my suppliers and client are in the hotmail contacts. My email account is Kindly do the needful on high priority.

  • mehran says:

    Help! I went to sign in to my Hotmail account and I got a message that it was blocked because it was sending out spam emails. Then it asked from my mobile phone number to send me a code. I did that but no code sent. I tried other methods to unblock my hotmail via web research but each method requires me to sign in to MSN which is blocked to me.

    Phone support is not available to me since I don’t have a paid account. Okay, so how do I regain access to my blocked hotmail account without having to sign in since it won’t permit me to do so?

  • Andres Felipe Urbano Jimenez says:

    My account has been blocked for almost a week now and all my suppliers and client are in the hotmail contacts. My email account is Kindly do the needful on high priority

  • hugo says:

    when hotmail asked for a email adress to send verification code,mistakely i gave a wrong email,now i cant change the email,keep(there)the wrong email,and keep sending the code to the wrong email,can someone help me?

  • vartan says:

    i need help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..unblock me account is so annoying

  • edwin says:

    Here’s an article for the steps to unblock your hotmail account.

  • Skylee says:

    i went to sign into one of my accounts(the main one) i got this “Your account has been blocked” now i cant get away from this message to sign into my other one.. someone tell me how to get out of this and into my other one.. i dont even care if i dont get the first one back i just want to be able to sign in to my new one

  • Emerald says:

    I have read all your comments looking for answers on how to unblock my email account with hotmail. It seems to me that everyone has important documents in their email and for you to actually access your emails. You are requested to input your card details. I did not use a card to open this account and my conclusion is that hotmail is trying to make money from all of us and the so-call hacker is actually hotmail who are holding us to ransom. I will notify all relevant persons in my e-mail account and try to find a watchdog who oversees this type of organisation. It is just too easy to blame a hacker for blocking accounts then asking for money before you can gain access to it. It is a crime.

    • edwin says:

      I’m really surprised that hotmail is asking for your credit card details. I haven’t heard of that before.
      Emerald, would you be able to provide me with a screen shot or url of the page which asks for the card details?

      • steven says:

        hi edwin

        check the below have copy pasted the screen for credit card details asked by msn … as u cant take a screen shot to send attachment

        Recover your Windows Live account

        Help us to make sure that this is you. To recover your account, enter as much information as you can.

        Account information

        First Name:

        Last Name:

        Birth date:

        AfghanistanÅland IslandsAlbaniaAlgeriaAmerican SamoaAndorraAngolaAnguillaAntarcticaAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaArubaAustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBahamasBahrainBangladeshBarbadosBelarusBelgiumBelizeBeninBermudaBhutanBoliviaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBouvet IslandBrazilBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryBruneiBulgariaBurkina FasoBurundiCambodiaCameroonCanadaCape VerdeCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChileChinaChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombiaComorosCongoCongo (DRC)Cook IslandsCosta RicaCôte d’IvoireCroatiaCubaCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkDjiboutiDominicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial GuineaEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)Faroe IslandsFiji IslandsFinlandFranceFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Southern and Antarctic LandsGabonGambia, TheGeorgiaGermanyGhanaGibraltarGreeceGreenlandGrenadaGuadeloupeGuamGuatemalaGuernseyGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaHaitiHeard Island and McDonald IslandsHondurasHong Kong SARHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIranIraqIrelandIsle of ManIsraelItalyJamaicaJan MayenJapanJerseyJordanKazakhstanKenyaKiribatiKoreaKuwaitKyrgyzstanLaosLatviaLebanonLesothoLiberiaLibyaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMacao SARMacedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic ofMadagascarMalawiMalaysiaMaldivesMaliMaltaMarshall IslandsMartiniqueMauritaniaMauritiusMayotteMexicoMicronesiaMoldovaMonacoMongoliaMontenegroMontserratMoroccoMozambiqueMyanmarNamibiaNauruNepalNetherlandsNetherlands AntillesNew CaledoniaNew ZealandNicaraguaNigerNigeriaNiueNorfolk IslandNorth KoreaNorthern Mariana IslandsNorwayOmanPakistanPalauPalestinian AuthorityPanamaPapua New GuineaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPitcairn IslandsPolandPortugalPuerto RicoQatarReunionRomaniaRussiaRwandaSamoaSan MarinoSão Tomé and PríncipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSeychellesSierra LeoneSingaporeSlovakiaSloveniaSolomon IslandsSomaliaSouth AfricaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSpainSri LankaSt. BarthélemySt. HelenaSt. Kitts and NevisSt. LuciaSt. MartinSt. Pierre and MiquelonSt. Vincent and the GrenadinesSudanSurinameSwazilandSwedenSwitzerlandSyriaTaiwanTajikistanTanzaniaThailandTimor-LesteTogoTokelauTongaTrinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkeyTurkmenistanTurks and Caicos IslandsTuvaluUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited StatesUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsUruguayUzbekistanVanuatuVatican CityVenezuelaVietnamVirgin Islands, BritishVirgin Islands, U.S.Wallis and FutunaYemenZambiaZimbabwe

        Select oneAndaman and Nicobar IslandsAndhra PradeshArunachal PradeshAssamBiharChandigarhChhattisgarhDadra and Nagar HaveliDaman and DiuDelhiGoaGujaratHaryanaHimachal PradeshJammu and KashmirJharkhandKarnatakaKeralaLakshadweepMadhya PradeshMaharashtraManipurMeghalayaMizoramNagalandOrissaPuducheryPunjabRajasthanSikkimTamil NaduTripuraUttar PradeshUttaranchalWest Bengal

        Postal Code:

        The secret answer to your question: who is ur sister

        Which passwords have you used for this account? (Enter one password per text box.):

        Hotmail information

        What was the subject line of some of the email messages you’ve recently sent? (Enter one subject line per text box.):

        Name some of the folders you’ve created. Don’t use default folders such as Junk, Drafts, and Sent. (Enter one folder name per text box.):

        What are the email addresses of some of the contacts you’ve recently sent mail to? (Enter one email address per text box.):

        Billing information

        Last five digits of the Xbox LIVE or Zune pre-paid card number:

        Name as it appears on credit card:

        Last four digits of the credit card number:

        Credit card expiration date:

        This isn’t case sensitive


        © 2011 Microsoft Terms PrivacyAbout our adsAdvertiseDevelopers Help Center FeedbackEnglish

      • edwin says:

        Hi Steven,
        Looking at what you pasted, it did say to “enter as much information as you can”.
        The card details are for those with a billing account with hotmail. I would think that most people won’t have a credit card registered with their hotmail account.
        Try filling everything else in the form except for the card details. Most people I’ve known were able to successfully unlock their account without supplying any billing information.

        Good luck

  • Mingma sherpa says:

    Hello my hotmail account was unblock.I can,t singin what happen with my hotmail account?please tell me something about the unblock.I need my hotmail account to use.

  • Brian Jeffreys says:

    My account has been blocked, I have important things on the ‘E’Mail section. Now I had to open a new account but I rquire to open my previous ‘E’ Mail:-, in order to retrieve my messages

  • Dannielle says:

    This morning i was able to get on my hotmail accoun but now i can not acces it and it says it is blocked. I dont remeber the sercuity question,the account i used to open this one is no longer in use and i dont have a phone attached to this account.But this account has alot of important stuff on it and i am waiting for important emails such as College application replys!please if some one can help me i will be extremely grateful!i have tried everything.

  • my account has been blocked ,how can i unblock this plz help

  • Marielle says:

    Can I delete my hotmail account from my control panel(add & remove program and not worry anymore about this e-mail account. It’s been over a week now and no matter what I try doesn’t work

  • Kamal says:

    My Account has been blocked plz help me i have alot of my School on on it plzzzz help meeeeeeeeeee

  • ak saleh says:

    hi before 3 days my account has been blocked . and now i want to unblocked my account. send me the steps how can i return it back. sent me in this email

  • Badri says:

    my hotmail id is blocked and when i clicked to unblock the account they want to send me the verification code to my alternative account which i didn’t remember. It’s because i had made this aacount 6 year ago and all those secret questions and answers were also forget.
    Is not there any way to unblock my account? It is very important id for me and all of my business is run through this email.
    please give me the way to unblock my account!!
    please please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karim says:

    I got this message
    account has been blocked
    I used my alternate email, the send to me one code, but when i use this code, I back to the same problem,
    please advise

  • Laura Ladewig says:

    I am unable to access my hotmail account because it has been blocked. My account is

    • Tariq Khan says:

      Sorry, hotmail cannot find solution for what you are looking for, i faced same problem months back and they (HOTMAIL) never ever answered me on my problem which i reported in august2011, i am a travel agent and suffered a big loss all because of BLOCKED.

      Laura you can just try your luck with HOT or Hotty mail.

      Best of Luck to you
      Agha Tariq P.Khan.

  • My hotmail aaccount has been temporarly blocked how can i verify it;

  • hanine badre says:

    am from morocco my numer is +212 6 71211703 isent to receive my verivication code, but i didnt received it

  • thomas says:

    My hot mail account is blocked.All my important informations are there in the email. Kindly assist me to unblock this. My hotmail email account is My alternate email address is

  • Tariq Khan says:

    Hotmail Help Desk.

    Please help me with my hotmail account which is blocked since august2011, i have very important files and record of email in ‘INBOX and SENT items”
    Please help me and restor my email account (
    my alternative email is ( i kindly suggest to put all unread messages in my new account.
    I will highly appreciate your cooperation and coordination in this respect, i know that IT expert can solve my problem.
    With Kind Regards, and Best Wishes.
    Tariq Khan.

  • iknow my password my email but i cannot access my email ther telling me sombody else mite be useing my email i change my password the same problem i dont want to luse my email address i dont know what to do

  • this is what happens when you let the machines take over your life…..without them you are helpless…..account blocked for a week now….need help…or else……back to the books i go……

  • mohamed fahmy says:

    i forget my pass word also i forgt my special quition plese send tom y my pass word i am sorry send it on my company e mail ( thank you if you do that.

  • besi says:

    hi can help someone to unlock the email my email is, my recovery add is

  • alana says:


    Please new old i dont care just need to have hotmail back alive

  • charles michell says:

    please i need your help my email was temporily block

    can you please help

    this is the emil.

    thank you

    you can contact me.


  • dei evans says:

    my email has been block for sometime now,pls help me to unblock it because i need to send some mails to my friends so pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adnan says:


    Please help in unblocking my hotmail account( followed the steps for account recovery but the code that supppose to be received on the given mobile number has never reached in UAE.changed the password but same status.Need some other alternative steps of recovery from Microsoft.Any help is much apprecaited here.Thanks.

  • AdnanZafar says:


    Please help in unblocking my hotmail account( same problem.Thanks.

  • Merle says:

    My Hotmail account was hacked a couple of times and I was able to get it unblocked but since this happened I tried to delete my contacts (I had over 4,000 most of which I did not add) and I just keep getting a page saying there is an error with hotmail try again later. This is over a month now and I don’t know how to access these contacts so that I can delete them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  • hot mail service will be closed shut down very soon because the list I have seen hope and pray to God to close hotmail services from internet

  • my account is blocked I try to unblock my account many time but they says that verify an account which is not my account how can I verify an account which is not mine. My opinion is that hot mail policy is changed and they want to limit their account holders.

  • Sadie says:

    Okay so my hotmail account was hacked, as i could see that i got a number of replys back from my contacts on hotmail saying why did i send them a website. it has been a day since it was hacked and yeah maybe my fault for not reseting the password but i thought i didnt need to. first time it happend. Now im blocked. Assaignments due on monday and they decide to block my account because of someone else and then ask me security questions that i have no idea how to answer due to the fact that i had the same account for several years (over 8 years), through my school years as well. this is so frustrating! if i lose this account i will cry! and then complain. Just now i recieved an email tellign me they will take 24hours to review my answers and then if they can verify it is me they will send me a link to reset. oh im scared now. and im not a happy bunny! x

  • Alan Febres says:

    My email account was highjacked be some spammer and as a result my Hotmail account was shutdown. I may or may not have had a backup email account that I can remember. As a result of this glitch, I have opted to open up a new email account with Google Gmail. If at all possible, can you send a reply with some solution options I can use to correct this matter. For a reply, please forward your message to my new Gmail account at: Thanks!

  • onnie says:

    please lets us now that our account has been blocked and how to open the hotmail account please send us the link in ways which we can open the Hotmail.

    our hotmail ID that has been blocked is

    please it our company accout and we need this to be unlocked as soon as possible

    Plese reply to us at your earliest convenient.

    you can contact to us on (+679)6280485

    Thanks&kind Regards
    Oarsmans Bay Lodge

  • onnie says:

    account name
    windows live ID

  • onnie says:

    PLEASE i m need to unlock our companys hotmail account please be advised that our hotmail account is used for company purpose so
    i need your reply at your earliest conveniences
    our ID IS
    or contact to us on # (+679)6280485
    plese reply to us at your earliest conveniences

  • emad says:

    please help me to get my e-mail back … it is blocked huhu

  • carol says:

    my hotmail acct has been blocked for days now! I’ve tried phone code never get a response I know my sec. question is right but they say it’s not cannot sign in at all!!! Is there anyone to contact for hotmail?

  • HELLO THERE, since yesterday i cannot log in my hotmail account ever time i try it tells me your account was block due to blah blah and it also says to unblock send link to your Alternative email, i did and i went my email it says change your password i have done but still cant sign in pleas help me get back my email thanks

  • H Davies says:

    Hotmail account has been down for 3 days – typed in correct password but couldn’t get on. Now account is blocked and awaiting a code from email link to reset but it says this service is temporarily out of use. I have urgent emails to access and this is just not good enough. What can be done this is a desperate situation.


  • hayley says:

    i cant get on my hotmail because someone is useing it and i cant geton it it is saying that it is blocked and i cant unblock it and the account that is on my account is when that is not my account so what do i do i have tryed geting back on it and it will not let me do it and i dont have 2 accounts with u so what the hell do i do my account is so can you please help me out with this

  • emma morris says:

    can.t read my e-mails because my account is blocked and i don.t know why?

  • deeba says:

    my hotmail address is was blocked 3 days before i need it back soon because i recieve so much important mails here even i cant got code because my alternative eamil address was also not working ( am living in dubai (UAE).please help me out .

  • I agree I need to get into my account. I have very important emails comming in. It continues to tell me that my password is incrrect and I sent a mobile phone numbe but no answer is fortcoming. I will pay for the text info. but today if Friday and I have been waiting from 24 January, 2012 for an answer.

  • Nazia says:


    My email wch is , has been blockd n hacked , i have been trying to open it bt all invain …i dont remember the answer to my secret question and my alternate email is not working anymore … i hav alot of my valuable details in my account… wat should i do .. plz help!!! help!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris says:

    Why do MSN not reply to the text code service they offer when your account has been blocked?
    It says you may have to wait a few minuets, instead you will wait forever. The system does not work.
    I have also filled as much of the recovery form in as I can with an alternate email address. I recieved a confirmation link by return but the link has expired. This in less than 2 minuets.
    Please sort this MSN or I am forced to lose confidance and find alternative suppliers.
    I do not remember exact email addresses thats what the account is for, so why expect me to put them on a recovery form?
    I could go on, but I think anyone reading this knows the service is just rubbish when it goes wrong.

  • Ingrid Upman says:

    I am so upset. MY email has been blocked for nearly 2 weeks and no one can help. I cant believe there is no telephone number. I am in South Africa at the moment and just wanted to know if anyone has a number to phone or maybe a UK number to phone… would i put the 0044 infront of code.i feel the same as everyone and am desperate. I tried 0901 9150100 and the 8 numbers above but nothing. Please can someone help me. Thanks

  • jenna says:

    mine just happened as well. was using it on my iphone then logged onto my computer then tried using my phone again and then got completely blocked! i have everything in it! and ive been trying to reset and all but to no avail. i am still currently awaiting their reply but the link they sent me keeps saying to try again later!!!

  • Josefine says:

    My hotmailaccount got hacked last week and since then I have been trying to get a new code…but it never came to my husband tried his cellularphone..but no response. I am now trying to get a contact to reach any of those who can have a clue what to do now. Anyone out there, please help me…I am getting crazy soon. Need my account!!!

  • what is the problem alotof time when I try to open my emial by this website it shotdown imeditly this kind of problem strart before two weeks stil it is not solved if it is possible to you plesr help me solve this problem to me, thank you truthfully Getaneh

  • Philip says:

    Hi guys my hotmail got blocked, 1 day ago. I had some send me loads of spam and hack my computer. So i got in touch with a company in the USA free phone number 0800 756 2971 It cost me 56 pounds to get unblocked and clean up the com, they did it all on line, in impressive. I took there deal where you pay a extra 60 squids and they put a good antivirus on and i can ring them any time if i have problem with the computer for 1 year. i have phoned them twice all ready for a couple of things and now my computer works fab. Don’t get stressed there r people out there that can help.They can do any thing while you watch in your own home.Don’t worry, i was worried at first with them going into my computer but its all legit.

  • William Davidson says:

    My hotmail address,, got hacked and has been reinstated and awaited a response within 24 hours which has not come. I found the same customer service number as everyone else but was on hold for 2 1/2 hours without making contact with anyone. I’ve had this hotmail address for 12+ years and this has been my only email address. I have all sorts of important emails on there which I need to retrieve but MSN is doing nothing to help. Does MSN even read this website and understand the frustrations everyone is experiencing?

    • William Davidson says:

      I made an error in my first email. My hotmail account,, which was hacked into and then blocked by hotmail three days ago, has not been reinstated. I have sent them three emails without response.

  • kiera says:

    please help me because i try go on my email and it says it is blocked and it wont let me get the code from my email because it says im blocked i want it to send a code to my phone but when i try to see the choices it says some random email my mums email was just like the email what it showed but there was only two letter difference some reason and it wont let mean do anything im just confused what to do and what is going on

  • natty sista says:

    Same as above ffs, ive also had my account for over 10yrs!!! …. Hotmail… Phaaa…. bloody joke, Ooooh hi yahoo AND gmail

  • karina says:

    omg!! my account has been totally blocked for 2 DAYS! and im crying right now cuz im like soooo totally frustrated and worried i dont know what to do i need help!! i’m like freaking out right now!! i’m soooo totally worried!! i cant stop crying, i even broke my computer keyboard cuz i was soooo mad and threw it accross the room!!! and my sister told me i’m crazy cuz i did that but I AM NOT CRAZY!!!! i just did that cuz i was totally frustrated!!!!!.. and i also broke a nail and thats not cool.

  • Rachel says:

    Hotmail is utter GARBAGE.

    I ‘undeleted deleted messages’ today as I’d lost a message I needed. In return, Hotmail has managed to block my email. Idiots.

    Never mind. I’ll leave it blocked and go back to Google. At least those people HAVE a clue.

  • Sophie says:

    My account is blocked too and I am really angry that they ask for Credit Card details! This seems so ignorant when the likely reason for most people filling out the form in the first instance is that they have had their security compromised… doesn’t FILL you with confidence! The fact there is no conact number is very disappointing. I have enjoyed using hotmail until now. Shame

  • Sophie says:

    UPDATE ON MY LAST EMAIL: I filled out the form (without my credit card details) and in 10 seconds an email was sent to me that gave me a link to set a new password – I am in – no problems! Phew! I am sorry most people are not having the same luck.I was thinking of changing to gmail but now I won’t. I’ve been with hotmail for nearly 15 years!

  • Philip says:

    There are companys on the web that will help you however you will have to pay about 50 Pounds. I was looked out of my hotmail, but im back in now.

    Just look around good luck

  • Brian says:

    My account was blocked and all i got were Indian dudes whom i can’t understand. They want 110 bucks to fix it. WTF? Anyway what i think might be going on is that Hotmail themselves are doing this and then charging us to fix our accounts that they messed up. Screw you Hotmail and the rest of you MSN liberal losers. You lost one more customer.

  • sajid says:

    pls help me to unblock my hotmail email id
    my other email address is
    tks sajid

  • maria restrepo says:

    My account is blocked for 7 days please, help me to get my e mail back

  • noel dargham says:

    i have tried what you have adivsed, and i have changed my password but it seems that either im missing something or there is something wrong,,, i need help

  • adeel says:

    hi my account is blocked and there is another email address where they send my code i want to send the code on my mobile as on the page is no option of phone number
    plz m waiting for ur reply my phone number is 07413545286

  • Andy says:

    Yeah, and the email reset links they send have been coming up as a “tempory problem with this service” for three days now, the customer service forms don’t contact you back, and if you want to ask a question on their forums you have to login…………I CAN’T……….you have blocked my account and some hacker has changed my password! I haven’t had access to my hotmail account for four days now and not one piece on “support” information on their website works. I know it is a free email account, but given the potential security issues, they should at least have a team of people who can help. The fact is, it’s free email so no phone number, no support email address and definately no help. I am just concerned what these hackers now have access to and Hotmail, MSN, Microsoft…..whoever the hell runs this don’t give a shit.

  • Andy says:

    After 5days of not being able to recover my hacked Hotmail account I finally sorted it! Turns out the alternative email address I used to reset the password had not been confirmed so I reactivated the original one (when I first set up hotmail all those years ago!) and the rest worked perfectly. The problem I was getting was that whatever link hotmail sent me to confirm I had requested the reset didn’t work, and I couldn’t ask questions because I could sign in! To be fair, there customer service guys tried to help and in hind sight it is impossible to verify an identity by email, so lesson learned! Make sure you have sufficient info in your account to aid recovery!

  • cabdishakur says:

    please unblock my hotmail acount

  • maxamed xuseen maxamed says:

    hi there is a problem in my email acount my password was lost me because i was sick in a four months i can’t remember my password but i remember previews pasword was 817176 i am requesting you to help me that problem i am a respond comes from you i live in orphan country somalia and choes matter every think about my email plz send me my frnd emails thnk you so much

  • Rachendra says:

    there is no one to help me solve this problem My Hotmail email account has been Blocked and I tried everything that was suggested to me, I think someone has change my security question and now I’m not able to change my password or get my account back I have important emails that I need t… everybody want to respond back to me on my email account I’m not that dumb how am I going to receive something I’m not able to get block add is

  • ahmed says:

    Guys, I have the same problems .. my hotmail account has been blocked .. tried to recovered it, but i forgot the security question, I tried also to fill all the tech support form, with every detail i know about my account (emails, passwords i used, contacts, folders, and and and), but still in vain ..
    their reply was that THEY ARE NOT SURE IF I AM THE OWNER, what a shock ..
    anyway one who has any info ?
    best regards

  • john says:

    I called the tech line on 0905 915 0100 – they managed to unblock my account for me.

  • zahid says:

    please help me because i try go on my email and it says it has been blocked the Email adress appeared for code is not active ID. I forgot the password of said ID. my other Email ID on Gmail is active send the code or link to unblock my hot mail account.

  • besi says:

    hi can help me someone . my add in hotmail is blocked few month ago .i cant login another way and i try to unblock with id in msn website but it’s impossible . can tell me someone how can i unblock my add my another email is in

  • zahid says:

    My hotmail account has been blocked.I reset my Pasword.the account mentined for verificatin of blocked account is not active and forgot the password of that account.send me any link for verification/unblock my hotmail account on my alternate gmail adress.

  • Lynn says:

    Mine is blocked and it says I have to give a credit card number and sign up for their paid text message program. I say we should all sue them!

  • I accidently signed out of hotmail. I know my password but when they ask to write characters I see, I keep getting wrong. what can I do? I also tried to use audio but could not understand. I am 87 years od and am not as alert as I use to be. What to do

  • armaan says:

    My hotmail account has been blocked previous couple of week. i have enter my secret question many time but i am not able to sign in again. same error is here your account has been blocked.

    even i have changed my pasword also but i realy dont understand what i to do now.

    kindly help me regarding on this issue..

  • Emily says:

    I just got a new hotmail account but it won’t let me put contacts in my list, it keeps telling me the list is full…but theres nothing in it…whats going on? What do I do?

  • Martin says:

    i need to unlock my messenger account.
    when i log in then it ask me verification code.
    How do i get this code?
    i type my number to get verification code put i dont get this verification code.
    i live in Estonia.
    Please give me this verification code.

  • Ben law says:

    I have had my account blocked I am currently looking for a job and all prospective employers are getting back to me on this email hotmail said they have sent me a security code to alternative email and I no longer have access to my alternative email I haven’t used it for years and hotmail won’t let me log into that one either!!! What do I do!!

  • BALWANT says:

    Guys, I have the same problems .. my hotmail account has been blocked .. tried to recovered it, but i forgot the security question, I tried also to fill all the tech support form, with every detail i know about my account (emails, passwords i used, contacts, folders, and and and), but still in vain ..
    their reply was that THEY ARE NOT SURE IF I AM THE OWNER, what a shock ..
    anyway one who has any info ?
    best regards balwant singh

  • Sophia says:

    I have been blocked out and on requesting the verification code i then get sent nothing. I Can see this is a huge problem. I have some very important messages i need to see with no way to get to them. Why is there no obvious help line or chat line. I don’t have another email address to use right now and i am in a serious panic. Please Please can someone point me in the direction of help.
    Also the box below saying notify me for follow up emails… slightly pointless as i can not see my emails!

    Please Please help i’m so lost with this!

  • yaqoob says:

    my hotmail acount is blocked and they want an varifacation code i don’t know the solution….. what to do ………..

  • Yixin says:

    my account has been blocked and I was told that someone has use my account to sent junk messages. However,I can never get the code from the other hotmail account, because I have closed it for a long time. Now my blocked account has many important informations, please tell me what should I do to unblock my account? Thank you!

  • my account has been blocked and I was told that someone has use my account . However,I can never get the code from the other hotmail account, because I have changed my job email for a long time. Now my blocked account has many important informations, please tell me what should I do to unblock my account? Thank you!my block hotmail account is

  • Jack Bradley says:

    The backup email no longer exists, and i have tried typing in my details to retrieve the account but apparently i can’t provide enough information, but i can’t provide anymore information.
    please reply ASAP

  • Tina Coles says:

    Do you know something, with all these problems we are all having and no solutions being given. Lets all give up and go to another provider for our email accounts.I am fed up wasting my time on this now !!!!! Microsoft, get your act together or you will be losing all your customers !!!!!!

  • Noor alam says:

    my hotmail account has been blocked and i tried to reset the password using alternative email and the security question but it didnot work!!!!
    should i wait 24 hours till it work?!!!! or what it else i can do? please help

  • John says:

    I am looking at this long thread. My hotmail account has been blocked also. Has any one found a toll free number to fix the account. I have had this account for almost 20 years and hate to loose it

  • sudarat says:

    my account has been blocked and I was told that someone has use my account to sent junk messages. However,I can never get the code from the other hotmail account, because I have closed it for a long time. Now my blocked account has many important informations, please tell me what should I do to unblock my account? Thank you!

    My blocked account is “”.
    My new account is Please feedback to me!

  • kate says:

    Same problem here!! Has anyone had success in unblocking their account??

  • seme says:

    i need a code to unblock my hotmail account…. the alternative email is

  • chiffonier says:

    my hotmail account got blocked,, I tried every possible thing too find the solution. I also filled the validation form but hvent heard anything yet. My alternate email address is blocked for years now. Please help me out. I have valueable stufff in my inbox

  • katie says:

    Hello My email account has been blocked. I noticed spam mail in it so i changed the password. The day after i changed the password I tried to log in and my email was blocked. I don’t remember the alternate email address that they have as an option or the password to that as well. What can be done? Can you send the code to my gmail account? If possible please send to

  • Sheldon says:

    basically, these spam messages that are being sent around have come from my email address now swell which is why I’m guessing my account has been blocked. i cannot receive a code to even begin resetting my password because the email address it wants to send to i have never seen in my life? i am expecting very important university documents and i am fully screwed would someone please give me a contact number for these guys?

  • Joanna Vince says:

    My account is blocked. I no longer access the alternative account that is listed. Please can you send me a security code to

  • matt77 says:

    1)if u got alternative email account which is linked with your blocked email account, u can unblock it.
    2)if u got a code u can unblock it.the code u get from message which hotmail send to u on your mobile number which u have registered your account.
    3) blocked email account dont have to do to reset your’s not working.u can’t unblock it that way

  • Helga Parkin says:

    My windows live hotmail has been blocked due to suspicious activity in my emails. My friends alerted me that they were receiving strange emails from me, which made me aware that I had a problem. I searched for information on internet what to do and it advised to change password and security question. I did both of these and everything was working fine until yesterday when I couldn’t send or receive emails and got a message saying it was blocked. I followed the instructions which asked for a code. I didn’t have one so pressed send me a code button, but it only allowed me to use the same email address which is blocked so unable to receive a code. I have another email address that the code could be sent to which is not registered with windows live but there is option to do this.

  • Mark Grant says:

    I’ve just ‘suffered’ the blocked account problem, and I can find now way of contacting these guys…every time I try I need to sign in to my account (which is blocked!) Anyone found a phone number to call?

  • seagull says:

    unblock my acount plz

  • Curshad says:

    OH MY GOSH every1 is having this problem MICROSOFT PLEASEE RESPOND TO OUR NEEDS, I JUST ORDERED A FEW STUFF YESTERDAY now how can i keep up??? wat if i lose all of my money i have important emails comming to me every day. Please Someone for the love of GOD help me.

    I WOULD HAVE DONE THE ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRES THING BUT I WAS VERY YOUNG I JUST PUT A EMAIL I NEVER HAD ACESS TO I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE EMAIL!! check that emails history something like that is the alternate email to the first email mentioned hasnt been logged on since 2008 or 09 its 2012 if theres someway to help me pleasee do if u can send it to an email i have acess to, it looks like a fake one but ive linked my youtube account to that and stuff PLEASE Just Help me! i need it unblocked! i wont rest until its unblocked!!!!!!

  • batool says:

    I lost my hotmail account (blocked) which is
    please help to get it back.

  • jack lane says:

    Please unblock my account and send any queries to :

    jack lane

  • Maisie says:

    Hello, my account was hacked an now I’ve been blocked from it. When I try to sign in it says they are sending me an access code. I’ve been waiting for an hour and I still haven’t received one. This account is very important to me as it has all my coursework and contacts saved on it, is there any other way I can get the code?

  • surapong says:

    ??????????mail ???????

  • abanob says:

    hey i get blocked because there some1 else is sending alot of junks that what is telling me and msn is telling me that he w want to help me ot get it back but we need u to send the reset code i try to send it and u are asking me how to u want to receive u reset code and the only option is my main account that is blocked i can’t change it i have 2 account but i can’t send to any because its telling me this ///How do you want to receive your code? //there a tab down// just show me this send an email to xx***** and this is not my email my email is this one is blocked i need to unblocked it adn this is my second email help me plz get it back there alot of passwords of others site that i need to reset it when i create them i put my mmain account in them and so plz help me contact me with

  • matt77 says:

    i just unblocked my account, using my alternative email adress.

  • MD says:

    Please unblock my hotmail account. I’ve reset my password but still get the blocked message and then a server error message when I click on ‘Continue’. You can send a text to the mobile number on my account.


  • Carrie says:

    lol Had this same problem and they tell me they are sending my code to an email address that I’ve never been affiliated with so obviously I don’t know the password for the imaginary email that I’ve never had. This is ridiculous!

  • Trust says:

    Hotmail is not funny. Why not issue a statement about what is happening. If I ever get access to my account again, I’m cancelling it. And what’s up with MSN anyway? Are they part of the Murdoch corporation. Maybe that’s why hackers keep on F…ing with them.

    • Tanya says:

      I know you feel my account too been block too try the team’s tips nothing happen, the code they keep asking for ain’t list in your other account if you can’t get into it, and the new info you change once you get back in after it been block the first time and it happens again they never save it. live team need to work on this and make it easyer for users to get back into their accounts, they know their info. They will always lose users to other e-mails sites.

  • Nagendra Khadka,Shizuoka,Japan says:

    my hotmail account blocked after one week ago.please help me what can i do???

  • Nagendra Khadka,Shizuoka,Japan says:

    my hotmail account is blocked.Please help me…

  • Alex says:

    Guys, I have had the same problem and called customer support who wanted to charge me £40 to sort out my account, they say its the hackers that have blocked the account, and the danger is that they have all my details now, I said they can just delete the account and I will go elsewhere but apparently thats not possible! Its an utter joke.

  • trish says:

    I have been trying to get my emails, but my password not working. tried 3 times on the reset password but get email back saying not enough information. I haven’t used the account for a long time but now want to cancel it. Any ideas

  • sandesh says:

    please help me with this code as i am not getting it in to my yahoo account.
    my blocked account is and you can send the code in to

  • perry says:

    Yahoo blocked my account months ago and I’ve spent hours giving them the info they want and they won’t unlock it. Finally they are asking me for money to fix the problem by one of their “experts”

  • irene chan says:

    my hotmail account was been unblock . if i need to singn , i must have new code to singin. but the new code is sending to my friend account. can i change to my another account ? please send the code to hope hear for you support soon.thanks

  • fred says:

    cannot get into my account for the past 2 days. tried all ways to get it back and failed. tried my mobile to send text for code no response and no response on re-setting password, what a clart on tried a account and do`es not work for re-setting account keeps freezing me out. like window hotmail signed in to many times. do`es anyone know when account may come back on

  • Said says:

    My Hotmail account has been blocked a pin word has been sent to a wrong email address which makes it unavailable to me I therefore could not access or unblock my account pls help mya hot mail account is what is required is to send the pin number to the above email address

  • Said says:

    My Hotmail account has been blocked a pin word has been sent to a wrong email address which makes it unavailable to me I therefore could not access or unblock my account pls help my alternative account is what is required is to send the pin number to this email.

    Pls note the adjustment on my complaint will you pls action this one I receive many msgs in a day and now it has been one week since my email has been blocked your help will resolve the situation Tks

  • Vibert says:

    Like everyone else, my account is blocked too. Called up a few companies that I found on Hotmail customers service page, they can unblock my account for £60.00 as a quick fix.
    I don’t mind paying this amount but (a) should we have to pay to unblock our account and (b) how safe is our credit card details are with them?

  • Chelle says:

    K, I see Im not alone in the black-hole of blocked-hotmail account(s)..this is crazy. I’m new to Hotmail but I KNOW I didn’t change my password or the answer to my security question. Yet, because the account is only one month old, I don’t have files set up and I don’t know if I’ve received mail from anyone because I CAN’T GET INTO THE ACCOUNT! When I did the stooopid customer service security questionaire thing, aside from personal informationa and my backup e-mail address which IS active, there was little info I could give…I don’t have e-mail subject lines memorized and I was using this address more for business so I don’t know people to call them and ask them to dig up old e-mails and let me know what the subject line was on any e-mails I sent. Like I said, I am very new to Hotmail–and I am in utter shock at how many people seem to be having this problem. Im glad its not me;that I’m not alone in this hell but come on!! I’ve had a yahoo account for 11years and the rare occasions I had trouble accessing it, Yahoo was more than willing to work with me. It’s clear the apparent “tight security” that has Microsoft unable to confirm I am who I say I am and give me the account back, DOESN’T WORK! Just look at how many people are having this same problem!

    At the very least, I want to know that the e-mail account is shut down. If it was hacked, I don’t want anyone else working off my identity-info. I do not want to ‘simply open up another hotmail account’ because its becoming painfully clear, Hotmail will only be able to protect my account from ME!! There has got to be a way to rectify this-without having to run to Gmail…though I’m tempted. If Hotmail wasn’t holding important e-mails of mine HOSTAGE, I would just abandon this hair-pulling problem and move on. This feels oddly like a bizare violation…I don’t know which is worse. Knowing my account may’ve been hacked or as a result, having NO WAY AVAILABLE TO ME to prove I am who I say I am.

    And I agree with the people who were alarmed at the request for credit card info in the customer service form…regardless of whether or not that pertains to people with PAID accounts, it doesn’t read that way and it comes across almost as blackmail!! ARGHH!!

  • awan says:

    not helping me

  • Linda says:

    Well now isn’t hotmail the pits…. My account was blocked and they want to send me a code so I can change my password or whatever, but the only email address that is there to send the code to is the internet provider’s email I had at the time I set up my account, which is no longer valid. I don’t even know if they still exist. Anyway, guess I’m screwed. Oh well, I’ll have to get an account with someone else and forget hotmail.

  • Felicia says:

    There are way to many people who are having this problem with hotmail. How can we fight back. We need to hear from HOTMAIL with a solution. I have been without my hotmail account for Two months or more. I have had the account since 2006. “I want my account back!” It makes me very angry reading all of the post of others who have been blocked. How can we get hotmail to release a statement and or solution to this problem to the public??????

  • Tamie Brown says:

    My hotmail account has been blocked and it won’t send and I can’t recieve a code thats supposed to unblock. What can I do to get back in to my acct. I have important information in there that I really need and I have done everything already that I have been instructed to do with no help.

  • Arch says:

    Microsoft does not supply an easy way to resolve the problem. I have had hotmail before microsoft bought it. I just got fed up trying to address the problem. Instead I signed up to yahoo mail. no problem there.
    Just forget about hotmail.

  • magda says:

    i have same problem, account haced and then blocked. if you call this tech support on 0808-280-6006 some indian guy is picking up phone ( he doesnt speak english well, and there is nobody else to speak to) and he will charg ypu £49.99. silly

  • Jennie says:

    My hotmail a/c has been blocked from today…need to check on some urgent info..kindly help to get back same. Many thanks….

  • Jennie says:

    how soon can I get back my account?????????????? Thanks again!!!!!!!

  • mixalis says:

    Please unlock my account,

  • Beth says:

    try and try to reset password when you get to the part that ask for email reset link, secret question and/or customer support. the customer support link allows you to have link sent to a different email address. Good luck that worked for me 🙂

  • mixalis says:

    Please unlock my e-mail is too importan for me because i have serious design for my work.Please unlock,my e-mail is

  • Hen says:

    My Hotmail is blocked. Need help accessing it urgently

  • Sam says:

    I made up a fake alternate email not thinking anything of it like in the post. Is it possible to recover my account still???

    • magda says:

      hi everyone! good news I just unblock my account myself for free! when you are on log in webside click on “cant access my accouunt” go to recover your account and fill in the form (yor name , address, security question answer, last few email adresses where you were sending emails, few emails titles etc). i gave my husbands email as a form of contact and they unlock my account within 10 mins! it is same way what this indian guy would do over the phone and he is charging £50! good luck guys!

  • adz says:

    Is it possible to retrieve my account on msn when I forgot my alternative email ad because that’s the only way to get the code so that I can unblock my msn/live account.

  • magda says:

    hi everyone! good news I just unblock my account myself for free! when you are on log in webside click on “cant access my accouunt” go to recover your account and fill in the form (yor name , address, security question answer, last few email adresses where you were sending emails, few emails titles etc). i gave my husbands email as a form of contact and they unlock my account within 10 mins! it is same way what this indian guy would do over the phone and he is charging £50! good luck guys!

  • BENJAMIN says:

    We have been having problem with our email account for about a week now.The error message is saying the mail has been blocked due to someone sending spam through it.Following the steps to unblock activation code was sent to the alternative mail.On using the code to unblock we were told the code has been used.Several attemps were made to generate another code with the same result and eventually the system has been telling us we have exceeded the number of times allowedto get and to try a code and to try again latter.We have been trying for the last 4 days,giving 24hrs interval to no avail.This is our company email and very important.Please help.Email is

    • magda says:

      good news I just unblock my account myself for free! when you are on log in webside click on “cant access my accouunt” go to recover your account and fill in the form (yor name , address, security question answer, last few email adresses where you were sending emails, few emails titles etc). i gave my husbands email as a form of contact and they unlock my account within 10 mins! it is same way what this indian guy would do over the phone and he is charging £50! good luck guys!

  • yousuf says:

    hi, I filled the form today and waiting for the replay , i hop it will work and get back my e mail

  • Jackie says:

    Hi I’ve had the same problem with my account having been blocked for over a week and not being able to access important e-mails. I’ve had my account for over 20 years and never had any problems with it until now. Have tried to get the access code to unblock the account – Hotmail sends it to another account but as soon as the e-mail arrives in the inbox it disappears immediately so I cannot see it – very very very frustrating and I don’t know what else I can do……..

  • magda says:

    good news I just unblock my account myself for free! when you are on log in webside click on “cant access my accouunt” go to recover your account and fill in the form (yor name , address, security question answer, last few email adresses where you were sending emails, few emails titles etc). i gave my husbands email as a form of contact and they unlock my account within 10 mins! it is same way what this indian guy would do over the phone and he is charging £50!

  • Natalie says:

    I used my hotmail account last night but today it wont allow me to sign in, it keeps on saying invalid email address! I cant remember the password for my alternative email add and I never registered my mobile number to my hotmail acc! What do I do???? Not a ffffff will I pay to unblock it, I’ll rather promote a yahoo account to people then!!!!! Please could someone spare me the headache and advise me on how to rectify this flaw????????? Would be much appreciated, please send the follow up to the yahoo account provided as sending to my hotmail acc would clearly defeat the objective….

  • monica says:

    I have had my account hacked and blocked for over one month tried everything,even tried calling no joy but what i did ge twas some Indian company asking me for $50 to get my account back.sounds very weird .

    Any help here

    Thank u

    • magda says:

      when you are on log in webside click on “cant access my accouunt” go to recover your account and fill in the form (yor name , address, security question answer, last few email adresses where you were sending emails, few emails titles etc). i gave my husbands email as a form of contact and they unlock my account within 10 mins! it is same way what this indian guy would do over the phone… its free and he is charging £50

  • monica says:

    I have had my account hacked and blocked for over one month tried everything,even tried calling no joy but what i did get was some Indian company asking me for $50 to get my account back.sounds very weird .

    Any help here

    Thank u

  • Mark says:

    They’ve blocked everyone I know who has a hotmail account. I think it’s a scam – They just want everyone’s phone number.

  • Sandra Cox says:

    Yeah – yesterday spent over 2 hours to speak to Inidan sounding person who puts in the wrong details. Now have been told they can’t unblock it. Said due to scam/junk mail. I have an apple so these are screened. Do not know what to do as it has important contacts and info in relevent folders.Very frustrated that I had so much trouble communciating.Need a service provider where I can communicate with technicans so problems can be resolved – preferably with no fee attached.

  • Kennedy says:

    I can’t find Indonesia country for they send me the verification code

  • Manjushri Chauhan says:

    This is without a doubt one of the most interesting sites I’ve seen. It’s so easy to get jaded, but there’s honestly some lovely things online, and I think your blog is really on the list!

  • Mark says:

    Iv been trying to fix this problem for weeks. I had given up but now I’m on a mission. Iv called help lines and all of them request money and control over your computer. Be carefull doing this after all were here because of scammers! No contact number for Microsoft . No email address to send a email .FRUSTRATED but won’t give up. 🙂 if anyone else can help please message me.

  • mark says:

    I might have some answers for you all. After going round and round in circles I have finally found hotmail in the uk along with a telephone numbers and links that will get your accounts back so please read carefully…..

    As discussed, please follow the below steps for assistance related to your Hotmail account

    Step 1 – Go to

    Step 2 – Click on “Can’t access your account?”

    Step 3 – You will be directed to 3 options . Please select the appropriate option to proceed further and try resetting the password for your account.

    If you fail to reset or retrieve your account using the mentioned steps, please visit the following website;

    If you are calling us from UK – 0844 800 2400 .The lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. You want to click option 3 and option 3 again to speak with someone

    If you are calling us from Ireland – 1 850 940 940. The lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

    If you are calling us from South Africa – 0860 22 55 67. The lines are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

    I hope this helps. let me know your progress 🙂

  • marie says:

    i has been trying to get my password refrow and still nothing can you help me to get it unblocked please

  • Sean says:

    my hotmail account has been blocked through no fault of my own even when microsoft could have sent a code to my phone but didn’t offer this option. Then filled out this form online how many times only to find they are saying its the wrong info. then I get told my email is completely blocked and no retreavable. I’ve had this email over 6 years and now I’m stuffed all my important info gone. I’ve sent countless feedback things begging for a human to deal with me but oh no I guess it seems I’m just hotmail customer that doesn’t count microsoft are responsible for this shambles. Is there anyway I can speak with a human being there?

  • pps says:

    hi, my hotmail account has been blocked. any ways to retrieve the mails?

  • ABD says:

    my hotmail account has been blocked ALOOL_90@HOTMAIL.COM. any ways to retrieve the mails

  • wayne greene says:

    my email has been block for the past month, why block someone account without there knowledge, is it not there account?

  • Vivian George says:

    My hotmail was blocked and in this account I have all my contacts, important documents and more. Can anyone help me unblock it? Microsoft has not been of any help. I keep getting this request for name, address, name of contacts, name of subject and credit card numbeer…is this for real? I can be contacted at my yahoo email, it is only a backup!

    • AL says:

      i’m the veery same, no account wxists for my olf hotmail acc. but WHY do MSN do this??

  • David Rookes says:

    Hi my hotmail account was hacked and i submitted the auto recovery form to reset my password. I received a link to reset my password but when i clicked the link it said it had expired (i didnt click the link until 9 hours or so after it was sent as i was on nights at work and did not have access to my email account). I then tried filling in the auto recovery form again with the exact same answers thinknig i would just be sent another reset password link. however this time i received an email saying the information i submitted is not sufficient to prove its my account and to try again. I dont know what else to try, is there a contact number to speak to an actual human being to solve this problem for me?

  • monica says:

    I need help to unblock my emails and i dont want to pay for it because i got scamned before and i want step by step instructions to help please thank u.

  • Buy Whisky says:

    Definitely very good trick to unblock the hotmail account. Thanks a lot for discussing this useful trick.

  • Lokongo says:

    Please unblock my account

    Please contact me at

  • Tsala Tandu says:

    I need your help to get my email adress activ.

  • Lynn says:

    My hotmail is correct and whenever i tried to log in, i was told my microsoft account doesn’t exist. Dont’t tell me i dont even know my own email address and i was also told my password is incorrect. What should i do!!!

  • danialnerfer says:

    my account game little empire has been hack by people

  • our account has been hacked , fortuanetly we set up the recovery code by our mobile number , we got it back after 30 minutes .

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