If you’re using the WordPress.com Stats or the Akismet Plugin, you will need to get an API key from wordpress.com

The WordPress.com Stats plugin allows you to view your site’s stats. How many visitors you have on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
It also shows where the visitors came from, what search term they used to locate your site, which pages they visited on your site and also which links they clicked on. Very useful information.

The Akismet plugin is used to filter out SPAM from comments made on your site. Also another very useful plugin to have.

If you already have an account on wordpress.com, but can’t remember what your API key is; the easiest way to find out is to first login to wordpress.com, then go to the url https://apikey.wordpress.com/

You should see a line telling your username and API key. Something similar to the line shown below.


Your WordPress.com username is “xxxxxxxxxx” and your API key is “xxxxxxxxxx”.


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